using a podcast directory

using a podcast directory

Using a Podcast Directory

podcast directory is a listing of syndication feeds that link to a podcast. They are often organized by category
and topic, and allow the user to find a feed that podcasts about almost anything.


Just as search engines help

using a podcast directory
using a podcast directory

people find sites with the information they need, a podcast directory presents a searchable list of podcasts
users can subscribe to. Users may even be able to play the available feed episodes from within the site.

Unlike most search engines, though, a podcast directory rarely searches out and finds content on its own,

All the feeds are either contributed by users who want people to find their podcast, or added
by the staff.

Nearly anyone can set up a podcast, but gaining visitors can be difficult, and so podcasters can
submit their feeds to the directory to gain readers.

Since its so easy to make a podcast, a podcast directory often uses ways to separate the very good feeds from
the ones people do not enjoy as much.

A directory may have a ranking system, feature certain special feeds on the front page, or even allow visitors to comment with their thoughts on a feed.

Visitors to a podcast directory can thus add their own podcasts, search for feeds on topics or regions that
interest them, and even comment on those they like or dislike.


Downloading a Free Podcast

Its easy to find and download a free podcast. The best way to find free podcasts is probably to check a podcast directory.

podcast directory is a listing of many, sometimes thousands of different podcasts. The podcast directory will usually organize the podcasts by topic and genre, making it easy to find the type of podcast that is sought.

In addition, podcast directories often allow the visitors to comment on the podcasts listed, and provide a list of the favorite podcasts on the site, making it easy for users to find the best podcasts available.

These podcast directories can be used to browse through, introducing users to many different podcasts they otherwise would not have found.

Once a podcast has been found that interests the user, it is necessary to download the free podcast. The vast majority of podcasts will be free, but there will be a few that may cost a small amount of money.

The process to subscribe to and download the podcasts is the same in either case. First, a podcast client needs to be found and installed.

There are many free podast clients available, all providing a slightly different user interface and range of options. They come with many different names,

such as Podscape, or Nimiq, and searching for ‘free podcast client’ or something like it will turn up many possibilities.

When the podcast client has been installed, inputting the feed address will allow the podcast to be downloaded. The podcast client will check the address given for a small, machine readable file called an RSS file.

This file will contain information about the podcasts, perhaps some text about the individual episodes, as well as the location of the episode file.

Once the podcast client has been located the file referred to in the RSS feed, it will be downloaded and stored on the users computer until the want to view it.

using a podcast directory
using a podcast directory

Sometimes, of course, access to a personal computer is not available, but it is still necessary to check a certain podcast. Fortunately, many podcast directories offer built in podcast readers in the site.

Not only do they often show each recent episode that is available, they may also offer a way to view or listen to those podcast episodes from within the site.

By using the viewer contained within the site, it is no longer necessary to even download the podcast episodes. However, the ability to move and share the episodes after downloading is one of the wonderful things about podcasting.

The files can be placed on almost and media player, ranging from iPods to the new Play Station Portable. This flexibility is one of the reasons podcasts have succeeded,

despite other technologies like streaming music and video. The desire of consumers to have control over technology cannot be over estimated.

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